All About Alumni Cookie Dough...

Childhood fantasies become a reality at Alumni Cookie Dough…

Athens’ first Cookie Dough Café! The first location opened in January 2019 in downtown Athens at 480 North Thomas Street, this Georgia-Bulldog-loving establishment is promised to satisfy all of your sweet dreams. That’s right, you can now enjoy delicious cookie dough by the scoop and no longer worry about the possibility of getting sick. All of the ingredients are of the highest quality and 100% safe to eat raw. However, if you are somehow not able to finish your serving of cookie dough, you can take it home and bake cookies! I mean, how perfect can this possibly get? There are also options to make a sundae, or our unique “Dream Crème (cookie dough infused ice cream) with your favorite cookie dough and ice cream, cookie dough milkshakes and of course melt-in-your-mouth cookie dough pretzel bites and snickerdoodle bites.

Alumni Cookie Dough is the creation of Mike and Jennifer Dollander. Jennifer has always been a closet cookie dough eater, so the idea of actually being able to safely consume this creamy concoction in public is a dream come true! Mike and Jennifer are both graduates of The University of Georgia, so the idea of opening a business in the city they love so much is beyond exciting. In July 2018 Jennifer and her daughter, Stephanie took a trip to New York City for her 18th birthday. It was a trip that they were looking forward to and Jennifer spent a lot of time researching fun and unique things to do in the Big Apple since this was Stephanie’s second visit. One of the places at the top of their list was a cookie dough establishment, this sounded heavenly, and it was! Jennifer immediately sent her husband a snap shot of the girls eating scoops of cookie dough in NYC and said “Athens needs one of these!” Mike and Jennifer have always been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, so both of their minds started turning and the more they thought about the idea, the more they came to the realization that Athens was indeed the perfect place for a cookie dough café. When Jennifer arrived home, she immediately started mixing up creations in the kitchen, “I knew I had to get the consistency right. I know people will come to experience safe to eat cookie dough, but I want them to keep coming back because it is so darn good.” With Mike and Jennifer’s 5 children, Jennifer had an instant review panel willing to let her know exactly what they thought of all the recipes…the good, the bad and the ugly. In the end, Jennifer has come up with the perfect combination that will take you back to your childhood and still makes you feel like you’re doing something a little naughty.

With the success of the Athens’ location, a second location was opened in November 2019 and Franchising began in 2020. Be on the lookout for Alumni Cookie Dough cafés opening up near you!

Life’s short…eat the dough!

Jennifer and Mike

Life's Short...Eat the Dough!